a reflection back to the beginning…

During our last class meeting, I thought about all the ideas and point of views we have learned throughout this course.  Understanding and learning from different people from different background really enlighten me as not only a graduate student but also just as a person.

It is interesting to me to think that what we have said during the first class meeting and what we have said at the last class meeting.  Knowing, at least for me, that I realized how much digital media have an influence, I wouldn’t not stand so firm on my declarations at the beginning of this semester.  Two prime examples are: The “stuff” we now read online, are we so much eager to validate its truthfulness?  Knowing how much our lives are integrated to the Internet, are we going to take personal information / privacy so lightly now?

Regardless, there is no doubt that digital media will only make inroads into our lives, our society, and our culture.

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