Media Convergence

The chapter 2, Buying into American Idol, discusses media convergence providing the successful story of Survivor and American Idol. Actually these two television programs are the first killer application of media convergence. According to the author, through these cases we should rethink previous assumptions regarding passively watching television. Instead, these cases mean shifting from real-time interaction toward asynchronous participation. Also new models of marketing were introduced indicating consumers’ attitude changes on purchase. Rather than making single purchase, consumers prefer to have long-term relationship with a brand participating at design or production. From this phenomenon, I see consumer’s buying behavior is changing with time. In my opinion, it can be an example of convergence culture between producers and consumers.

Another example of convergence culture was addressed in the book and that is the convergence culture between advertisement and entertainment. I find this case from the commercial song of cell phone in Korea. Indeed, the convergence between advertisement and entertainment was successful. As a result, the cell phone and the song became very popular. I agree the music is good, but the content is just a new model of cell phone. It seems like something is missing in the song. Personally I don’t like to sing a song for the product. This topic is really encouraging me to think and rethink.

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