Gaming Can Make a Better World

I know this isn’t from our discussion this week, but I’m afraid I’ll lose this video. Interesting connections between life and games, along with a little history.

4 responses to “Gaming Can Make a Better World

  1. Interesting video about using games and gamers to solve the worlds problems. The perspective, that gamers have spent 5.93 million years ‘solving the problems of Azeroth’ (and that about 5.93 million years ago, the first humans started standing on 2 legs…).

  2. mdimopoulos

    In some respects I do believe that gaming can be leveraged to solve larger problems leading to a better world. On some base level “playing” games like go for example forces one to think strategically as well as creatively. Unfortunately, it can also bring out the worst in people as well.

    In the near future, I would hope to see something like seti or folding at home using people connected as a type of distributed cpus themselves engaged in a problem solving “game” to benefit society.

  3. I agree, I think that gaming can be beneficial to critical thinking and problem solving skills. My boyfriend’s brothers spend around 10 hours a day playing World of Warcraft, and while they were doing a raid I asked them what exactly they were trying to do. They explained the various steps and techniques they were using in order to be successful, and I almost couldn’t keep up. They had such a crazy strategy, that I thought, if only they would spend this much time and thought on school work, they could probably graduate early.

  4. That is very interesting. Amazon has this Amazon Mechanical Turk where people can earn money doing things where it would be hard for a computer to do.

    Maybe one day companies can develop game like environments where users will actually be solving tiny problems with good entertainment and social value!