Global Communication and the Long Tail

I just wanted to add a few thoughts that I didn’t get to bring up in class from the Lister readings.  Lister et al spend a substantive portion of the text discussing the background of  the world economy in discussing capital’s impact on communication technology.  When we talk about the flow of communication and its link to capital, it is no surprise that entertainment, news, and information have traditionally tended to follow money.  What does it mean when a company that both reports the news and manufactures your television are one in the  same?

The consolidation of media corporations, I think, is particularly alarming especially when we look at news media, where 8 corporation control all of the mainstream news media in America.  I think that we can draw up the idea of the Long Tail and apply it to news coverage.  With the rise of independent news online and news and political blogging, there are so many more voices and sources that are available to the whole range of internet users.  While many people still rely on mainstream news outlets, there do exist the alternatives and they are read.  We can see how the internet can be a tool for niche journalism and niche news.  I no longer have to buy the newspaper that is in my city, and especially I don’ t have to only watch television news (which I hate).  In fact, if one is not bound too much by language, we can even get international news from another nation and increase our  awareness of what’s going on in the world, since international press coverage has been on the decline in the U.S.

I thought that the use of twitter in Iran’s protests were and excellent example of this:

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