welcome to your blog

This site is yours to make of what you want, a space for further interaction, for exploration, for testing out some of the ideas that come up in our discussions or in your papers. You’ll be expected to post your thoughts about our class reading here on the blog, but I also want to see you trying things out here for yourselves, thinking actively about how this blog might be made a useful space for thinking about and experimenting with the technologies that we’re studying this semester.

So any number of things might provide a good topic for a blog post. Here are a few suggestions (slightly modified from a similar list my colleague Meg Worley gave a class of hers):

  • Isn’t it cool the way that Author X seems to predict technology Y?
  • Aargh, I just can’t get my head around today’s reading.
  • Does “jargonterm” mean P or Q — or something else entirely?
  • Wow, Reading Z really reminds me of last week’s episode of Lost.
  • I could use some feedback on this idea I’ve been wrestling with…
  • Did she say A or B in class yesterday? I forgot to write it down.
  • Hey, I’m in a play this weekend, and y’all should come!

You’ll no doubt find other things you want to post about, too — things you stumble across on the web that the rest of the class should see, things you find in your research that the rest of the class might be interested in. This kind of sharing is what makes group blogs exciting; I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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  2. Matthew Dimopoulos

    Check out this link on how some creditors are using social networking to determine if one is credit-worthy: http://www.wtopnews.com/?nid=111&sid=1869379

  3. Wondering if this is where we are supposed to post

  4. Eric R Paison

    Well, I ‘m not sure either, but here goes!

    “As We May Think” by Vannevar Bush really took me by surprise. Growing up in the 1960’s as I did, in the circles I spent my time socializing we would talk about how some day everything that was considered “science fiction” and “futuristic”. We joked about how the television cartoon “The Jetsons” was a prediction of our future. Though I now have reservations as to how many actually beleived that “Jet Packs”, “Portable Telephones”, and “Instant Food” would actually come true, but in many respects we had actually surpassed that level of technology by the end of the twentieth century.

    It is quite interesting that in July of 1949 Vannevar Bush had many of the same predictions, and with seemingly unencumbered assuredness. I think at this point, my question here is whether or not others have had similar experiances observing the development of “New Media”? What about those born in the 1980’s that experianced themselves growing up in the age that “New Media” had already begun taking over the way we do and thing about communication, entertainment, politics, religion, etc…? Being born in 1959 I believe that I have an advantage over those in younger generations. I would definitely be interested in hearing what others experiences have been in light of Bush’s article!