Blog#3: Literary Contexts


I didn't understand "The Garden of Forking Paths" by Jorge Luis Borges. I usually read only the textbooks used in class and have never read novels or fiction in the English language before, which make it difficult for me. It is the same as when I read newspapers in the English language, the language that journalists use is different from that in the textbooks that I study in classes. I hope someone can help me understand what points Borges wishes to make.

Hypertext and Critical Theory


In Hypertext and Critical Theory, George Landau explains that hypertext is cluster of words that linked to other words or images in infinity. Then, what define reading? Before the proliferation of internet, people are accustomed to reading books by having that book physically present either holding the book or place it on the book stand.
With the advances in technology, reading now becomes an exercise of click of a mouse.

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