Blog#8: New Identities, cont. - Cybertypes


Last week we read one article by Lisa Nakamura "Race In/For Cyberspace: Identity Tourism and Racial Passing on the Internet". This week in Cybertypes Nakamura elaborates on the term 'identity tourism' in more detail -- the pleasure that we can have another gender, race, or identity. The earlier articles we read so far give me the feeling that the Internet is nirvana -- no birth, no age, no illness, no death, no gender, and no race. You can be whoever you want in cyberspace. You can create your own digital identity which may be totally different from your real identity.


Lisa Nakamura
Chapter 1-3

• Lack of access: found along race, class, gender
• Digital

Ways that identities are transforming in cyberspace
• Tool of communication
• Daily vocabulary: "cybersex, online, file compression, hypertext link, download
• Lev Monovich: two layers to new media: content, computer layer (interface)
• Old medium: writing

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