Alan Turing

Blog#2: Historical Contexts

In the article, As We May Think by Vannevar Bush, the author predicted technology in the future. The author wrote this article in 1945 and it impresses me so much that it seems like he knows what will be the technology of 21st century. He predicted the World Wide Web, hypertext, personal computer, speech recognition and Wikipedia. I have heard a funny story from someone that when scientists wish to create new inventions, they ask sci-fi Hollywood directors what they are going to have in their new movies. Like Einstein said, imagination is more important than knowledge.

Computing Machinery and Intelligence


Computing Machinery and Intelligence

In Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Turing mentioned how or is it possible to have thinking machines? He argued from a point of view of suppose there are three separate individual: man or women, and the third being a moderator in order to guess who are the other two individual men or women? The function of the moderator is actually the thinking machines. The Imitation Game is what he would call such process.

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