So it occurs to me that it might have been good for me to give you at least a brief intro to the use of Drupal, in case you haven't used it before. Having failed to do that, here are at least a few tips:

  • You have to log in in order to post, so make sure you do.
  • When you're logged in, you should see at right a navigation menu with your username as the header. In that menu are two key links: "my account," which will let you edit your basic user info (including your username, your password, and so forth), and "create content," which will open another smaller menu, from which you can choose "blog entry" in order to create a new blog post. Please do create new top-level posts for new discussions, and for reading response type things, rather than leaving them in the comments of unrelated posts.
  • When you're composing a blog post, you should note a few things: first, a title is required; second, so is tagging. Tags (as you can see in the "tags" block at right) are ways of categorizing the post you're writing, and are useful for associating related pieces of data, so make sure your tags are useful, and remember to check to see if there's already a tag in use that's close to the one you intend to use. (It's best if we don't end up with a multiplicity of closely related tags, like "blog," "blogs," "blogging," and so forth.)
  • The entry itself obviously goes in the "Body" window. If you hit the return key twice while writing your post, the system will turn that into a new paragraph; if you hit the return key once, the system will turn that into a line break. The system will also automatically turn any URL into a link, but it's kinda ugly that way; better to create actual HTML links.
  • Under the Body window you should see a link called "input format." The default input format is safe html, which allows you to make links, build lists, and do a few other ostensibly safe kinds of markup. If you want to do anything more exciting than that (like embed a YouTube video), you need to change the input format to "full HTML."

That should do it for now. Please email me if you have any problems.

So nobody mentioned to me that you didn't have the ability to create top-level posts. I've corrected the permissions problem, and you should now be good to go. Please follow these instructions for posting -- and see you all shortly.

Hi Dr. Fitzpatrick

I follow the instruction you have written. I hope I did not make the mistake I did the last time I post the blog. Have a nice weekend.
See you

Thanks, Maria.