Blog#12: Convergence Culture

This is the last episode of the long story or the start of the new discovery. I think both may not be the answer. Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins is another book that confirms to me that old media never dies and new media can't simply replace it. He called the intricate interaction between old and new media that convergence culture, the name of the book. The concept of this book is quite the same of other books that we read so far in this semester. Media has impacts on cultural transformations, way to conduct business, president election, and etc. The author talks about TV series such as American Idol and Survivor. He also talks about famous movie such as The Matrix, Harry Potter, and Star Wars which have tons of fans. People who like these shows may participate extremely such as attempting to know the results of Survivor before it is on air. The Internet and technology makes this more easily than before. However, I'm not sure that media has influence on culture or culture has influence on media. American Idol may change the future of some people who find out that they are born to be singers more than doctors. You may be a medical student and one day you have a chance to watch American Idol. You may find out that you want to be a singer more than a doctor. You may think that when you're a singer, you will have fan clubs and fame while you're a doctor, you don't have these. Media can change our lives. I believe that media that we see, hear, and play have impacts on us. Ladies in very poor developing country who don't have a chance to see ads or read newspaper may never dream of Coach or Louis Vuitton. The only thing she can dream of may be how she can survive or how she can find something to eat. This may be an extreme analogy but it is what I think.

In conclusion, this book is a good summary of what we learn from this class. I think it is a fun, interesting book that is a beautiful end of our class in this semester.