How We Become Postdigital


It is interesting to mention that game studies should be implemented in the academic field. In math there is the specific course called Game Theory. In How we Become Postdigital, Aarseth mention how we should categorize the studies of game into the academic field. DigiPen Institute of Technology is the first school that offers the video game programming school which offers the 2D and 3D computer programming class. The school offer Associate of Art in Real-time interactive Simulation Program and Bachelor of Art in Real-Time Interactive Simulation. This is indeed unique school with specific focus of preparing students for the specific field.
The application of computer game and its usage is broad. Now a day, a surgery is done by the computer/robot. For the surgeon who are familiar with the computer game it will be helpful in performing surgery on the patient. Another word, technology assisted surgery is less invasive and cost effective. Patient recover faster and therefore improving a quality of life overall. When the author mentions the only things where game research is not applicable is in dentistry one of the attendee of the conference objected.
Game research is important in all aspect of life, it creates jobs, and improve quality of life.