The Future of the Book

Gamer Theory
Mackenzie Wark

First, Wark is very creative in putting the response of the project online. Starting with cave as a premise, and from there it developed into an adventure reading.
" Ever get the feeling you are playing some vast and useless game to which you don't know the goal, and can't remember the rules? Ever get the fierce desire to quit, to resign, to forfeit, only to discover there's no umpire, no referee, no regulator, to whom to announce your capitulation? Ever get the vague dread that while you have no choice but to play the game, you can't win it, can't even know the score, or who keeps it? Ever suspect that you don't even know who your real opponent might be? Ever get mad over the obvious fact that the dice are loaded, the deck stacked, the table rigged, and the fix – in? Welcome to gamespace. It's everywhere, this atopian arena, this speculation sport. No pain no gain. No guts no glory. Give it your best shot. There's no second place. Winner takes all."

This not only happened in the gamespace. In life the gamespace is our work, our studies, our friends, our neighbor, our family, our relative, our etc. At times it seemed that we are losing it all, only to find ourselves in the conundrum of day to day life demand. It is like the movie "Ground Hog Day" by Bill Murray. Does life has to be exciting or digitized? In the gamespace it is the endless realm. We have to find something to validate us as a contributing member of society. Wark is reminding us how have the digitized world become part of our life. However, it is void world rather than faith-filled world. We constantly walk into life only to go through what is obvious, get up in the morning, goes to work, do the work, come back, and do the same thing over again. Until you realized that, the year has gone by swiftly unnoticed. The season changed, the flower blossom, the tree grows and changes as the season changed.