Blog#11: The Networked Book

No book reading for this week but two Web sites instead. if:book and GAM3R 7H30RY are the projects of the Institute for the Future of the Book. I had a chance to attend symposium and met Bob stein who is the director of the institute. There are many projects going on in this institute such as CommentPress--a plugin for WordPress.

if:book, I doubt that i stands for Institute, f stands for Future, and end with book, is a blog that staff in the Institute for the Future of the Book and other guests write and share knowledge and idea. Prof. Kathleen is one guest in this blog. :D

GAM3R 7H30RY by Mackenzie Wark is interesting to me. The first version is version 1.1 which is one project of the Institute for the Future of the Book. The original idea is they want to conduct experiment on creating a networked book. Wark utilizes the advantage of the Internet to allow people to become both readers and writers. This networked book is different from other online books because Wark gives the importance to comments and discussions from readers as much as the content in the book. And this idea leads to the Gamer Theory version 2.0 which is offline book. Wark published his book by combining comments and discussions from the Web site with the content of the book. Finally, he built version 3.0 by enabling visualizations to readers. I have problem with Java when I tried to run version 3.0. But I can see progress of this project which is quite well. Below is the link to each project:

Gamer Theory Version 1.1
Gamer Theory Version 2.0
Gamer Theory Version 3.0

Video game is one kind of media that we can gain insights of culture and what is going on in the society. It can reflect their idea and imagination. I believe that gamers can exercise their brain and body. Games can make gamers smart and adaptable. It is analogous to wine, if we drink it on a suitable quantity, it can help our health. But if we drink too much, it can harm our life. To me, I'm not a person who likes to play game. This may be the reason why I can't think complexly. :D

However, some games are not good. For example, recently a company launched game Miss Bimbo! Check it out: This game is quite weird to me. If I'm a parent, I will not allow my children play this kind of game for sure. I don't want my child wins it in order to be the stupidest girl in the world. It's ridiculous.