Virtual Community

The Virtual Community
Howard Rheingold

In the early day prior to the emergence of internet and its usage now, people communicate through phone and writing letters. Now, we meet people from the internet or some group online. We see so many of those happenings even to young adults and teens. We become closer with those who we meet online than those who we see next door. Why is that? Everything has become so convenience even meeting people. We are more careful in term of talking with strangers. The strangers are no safer than they are on the internet other than trusted website which has been rated. The author talked about the online communities which he has been a part of such as MicroMuse, Wellites and other IRL.
He was part of their life since these online friends do show up at the door. He also has attended the wedding, the graduation, as well as their funerals. These virtual friends do become real friends. As we become more familiar with the usage of commuters and the ever evolving of the communications systems we are more than ever before bonded across the border, across the communities and across the globe. According to the author, "I suspect that one of the explanations for this phenomenon is the hunger for community that grows in the breast of people around the world as more and more informal public spaces disappear from our real lives."