Blog#8: New Identities, cont. - Cybertypes


Last week we read one article by Lisa Nakamura "Race In/For Cyberspace: Identity Tourism and Racial Passing on the Internet". This week in Cybertypes Nakamura elaborates on the term 'identity tourism' in more detail -- the pleasure that we can have another gender, race, or identity. The earlier articles we read so far give me the feeling that the Internet is nirvana – no birth, no age, no illness, no death, no gender, and no race. You can be whoever you want in cyberspace. You can create your own digital identity which may be totally different from your real identity. However, this book attempts to clarify that race does exist in cyberspace. In the real world, race plays an important role, especially in some countries. It can cause war and torture to humankind. Nakamura wrote this book to illustrate that cybertype is a racial stereotype of interaction in cyberspace. In the first chapter, she elaborates how race impacts IT positions in the IT industry. Asian may be considered as a minority while African-American may be ignored from this industry. Check this video out:

It's very funny and I really like it. However, if we consider the truth behind this video, it shows how different people treat each other by considering their race.

In conclusion, this book extends the concepts of the relationship of cyberspace, race, gender, ethnic, and politics that we have learnt so far.