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Media Literacy

Why Heather Can Write
Media Literacy and Harry Potter
Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins

How We Become Postdigital


It is interesting to mention that game studies should be implemented in the academic field. In math there is the specific course called Game Theory. In How we Become Postdigital, Aarseth mention how we should categorize the studies of game into the academic field. DigiPen Institute of Technology is the first school that offers the video game programming school which offers the 2D and 3D computer programming class. The school offer Associate of Art in Real-time interactive Simulation Program and Bachelor of Art in Real-Time Interactive Simulation.

The Future of the Book

Gamer Theory
Mackenzie Wark

First, Wark is very creative in putting the response of the project online. Starting with cave as a premise, and from there it developed into an adventure reading.

Virtual Community

The Virtual Community
Howard Rheingold


Lisa Nakamura
Chapter 1-3

• Lack of access: found along race, class, gender
• Digital

Ways that identities are transforming in cyberspace
• Tool of communication
• Daily vocabulary: "cybersex, online, file compression, hypertext link, download
• Lev Monovich: two layers to new media: content, computer layer (interface)
• Old medium: writing

Who Am We?


Who Am We?
Sherry Turkle

Women and Children First: Gender and the Settling of the Electronic Frontier

Women and Children First: Gender and the Settling of the Electronic Frontier
By Laura Miller

The Body and the Screen

The Body and the Screen
Theories of Internet Spectatorship
By Michele White

In the Body and Screen, Michele White indicates the hidden messages presented in the form of the websites. Comparing the hidden message of the form of the websites much the same as discussing what is the message of the vodka advertisement. According to the author, "Internet and computer spectator" and the term "spectatorship" also indicates a commitment to employing theory in order to understand texts and an interest in developing hybrid critical model in order to understand certain internet settings.



Bolter and Grusin impressed upon readers that remediation is a process of technology evolving around current technology that it improve itself as time progress along.

MCLuhan and Theodore Nelson

There seems to be parallel in Two Selection by M. McLuhan and Computer Lib by Theodore Nelson. Both consider computer as media form. For McLuhan, media overwhelm the importance of content, where Nelson resound what McLuhan's idea of media by redesigning the media. Nelson's compare the media we lived in with that fish living in the water.

In Nelson's Dream machine he presented his observation how the computer professionals has at most part kept the sacred know how to themselves where the public is kept at bay.

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