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What you see here is a static archive of a site that once ran in Drupal. Accordingly, many functions have been disabled and some links may no longer work.



So it occurs to me that it might have been good for me to give you at least a brief intro to the use of Drupal, in case you haven't used it before. Having failed to do that, here are at least a few tips:

  • You have to log in in order to post, so make sure you do.



As the hard copy of the syllabus I gave you indicates, this course has two websites, this one on my own teaching website, http://machines.kfitz.info, and one on Claremont Conversation (http://conversation.cgu.edu/is347). You may use either or both of them for your blogging purposes. Near the end of the semester, I'd like us to talk some about the relative merits and difficulties of these two different technologies -- how easy or complex they are to work with, how pleasant (or not) they are to read, what kinds of interaction they facilitate or prohibit.

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