Mark Crispin Miller, Boxed In
John Fiske, Television Culture
Lynn Spigel, Make Room for TV
Cecelia Tichi, Electronic Hearth
Jerry Mander, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television
David Marc, Bonfire of the Humanities
Herman Gray, Watching Race
Susan Douglas, Where the Girls Are
Anna McCarthy, Ambient Television

plus course packet, available at King's Copies.

Also recommended:
Eric Barnouw, Tube of Plenty
Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death
Robert C. Allen, ed., Channels of Discourse, Reassembled
Jane Feuer, Seeing Through the Eighties
Peter Brooker & Will Brooker, eds., Postmodern After-Images

N.B.: As contemporary television texts will be the locus of much of our discussion, you should familiarize yourself with what's out there. Yes, that means that there's an actual television-watching requirement to this class. I'll be faithfully recording Buffy and 24, for my part. Don't turn into a couch potato, but watch enough to be able to discuss the current state of the medium intelligently.