Aug. 29: Introduction
Benjamin, Adorno & Horkheimer (to be distributed)
Sept. 5 :

Television Analysis
Mark Crispin Miller, Boxed In

Sept. 12:

Cultural Studies and Television
John Fiske, Television Culture

Sept. 19:

Formal Development
Marshall McLuhan, from Understanding Media (course packet)
Raymond Williams, from Television (course packet)

Sept. 26:

Historical Development
Lynn Spigel, Make Room for TV
Term paper proposal due

Oct. 3:

Making a Television Culture
Cecelia Tichi, Electronic Hearth

Oct. 10:

Fighting Television Culture
Jerry Mander, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

Oct. 17:

No class – fall break.

Oct. 24:

Fighting Television Culture 2
David Marc, Bonfire of the Humanities

Oct. 31:

Race and Television
Herman Gray, Watching Race

Nov. 7:

Gender and Television
Susan Douglas, Where the Girls Are
selections from Haralovich & Rabinowitz, eds., Television, History, and American Culture (course packet)
Bonnie J. Dow, from Prime-Time Feminism (course packet)

Nov. 14:

Audience Studies
selections from Ellen Seiter, ed., Remote Control (course packet)

Nov. 21:

Television and the Historical Imagination
selections from Spigel & Curtin, eds., The Revolution Wasn't Televised (course packet)
George Lipsitz, from Time Passages (course packet)
Annotated bibliography entries complete
Term paper draft due to peer review partner

Nov. 28:

Postmodernism and Television
from Brooker & Brooker, eds., Postmodern After-Images
Commented term paper draft due to peer review partner

Dec. 5:

Final Thoughts
Final term paper due