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MS 190 - Syllabus

This seminar is intended to be a capstone of sorts to your experience as a Media Studies major. You all began the major in roughly the same place -- MS 49 -- but then took very different paths through the major's requirements. Now here you all are again, in one room; part of our goal this semester is to put everything you've done together, to attempt to figure out what all those disparate paths have to do with one another, and thus, what it is to be a Media Studies major.

Another Public Service Announcement

I've had a request for some quantification of the blogging requirement.

tonight's class

Don't forget: tonight's class will meet at 7.30 in Rose Hills Theater, for the screening of Moseley Fellow Tom Musca's film MELTING POT, and the Q&A to follow. See you there.

check your progress!

This is a friendly FYI, a public-service announcement of sorts. We're seven weeks into the semester. If you were blogging at the desired rate of three posts per week, as defined in the syllabus, you'd have produced 21 blog posts by now. How many have you produced? Please check your progress by checking your blog. If you have produced fewer than 10 posts as of class time today, you are currently failing the blogging portion of the class, which counts for 25% of your grade.

It's not too late! You can catch up! But you must start immediately.

A word to the wise

Them that are wise won't leave their blogging for the last minute. Remember the weekly requirements, and space them out. Post as you have a thought -- in fact, use your postings to generate thoughts! -- rather than updating in a mad rush before class...


Just a quick post this morning to say thanks to all of you for an excellent class last night; we were dealing with awfully difficult material, and I think we did a good job of wrestling through it. I'm *not*, by any stretch of the imagination, a night person -- my brain pretty much takes a hiatus around 9 pm -- but last night's class was quite energizing. I'll be looking forward to next week.