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Thesis Inspiration

Wow! So we got that first big chunk of thesis out of the way. I am so relieved. It took me so long to completely figure out my interest and how they could all be molded into a coherent, structured argument.

(It ended up being about the relationship between women and the digital biography--past, present, future, and how they are using it for activism, expression, and more. I ended up dropping a lot of that crazy talk from class presentations about how post-postmodernism=feminine=multimedia. It was faulty logic and not practical.)

So, going on now to plan the next stages of thesis, I went to look at some examples from last year. One thesis stuck out to me in particular: Melissa Budinic's "It's a Theme Park After All: Constructing Disney as a Postmodern World's Fair." Because Disney has long been a fascination of mine, and because I find postmodern theory very interesting, this topic appealed to me. It also seemed to be of real interest to Melissa, which really showed in her writing.


On the topic of children's media, I still have never really had a good discussion on why there are no mothers in Disney movies and why the mother figures that do exist in these movies either die or are actually completely evil as in Snow White and Cinderella. When I think about it, I'm pretty sure the only kind, loving mother that does not get killed off before the end of the first half of a Disney movie is the dog in 101 Dalmatians, but hey, she's a bitch so that really isn't much better-- :). This phenomenon is pretty weird when you think about it. The likelihood that ALL the mothers would not exist or only exist in a negative capacity solely by coincidence seems very slim.