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So we already outed lonelygirl15. We know she's a fraud. Nevertheless, she haunts us to this day. Go to YouTube, and half of the most popular videos refer to her work. Google lonelygirl15, and you get over a million hits.
Anyway, she's spawned this awesome cultural phenomenon that's just getting more and more creative. Some of this stuff is just brilliant. It's really cool that YouTube creates a context in which this sort of thing can happen. Stars pop up overnight. Nobodies do funny things and are recognized for it. Check out some lonelygirl15-inspired videos. I highly recommend lonelyterrorist15:

lonelygirl15 and law & order

By the way, Michelle Trachtenberg (Harriet the Spy) is supposed to be plaing a character on Law &Order CI based on Lonelygirl15.

the tralier or i guess video blog for the episode is at

So now TV is taking its plots from the internet? WHOA. This will hopefully get more people to watch the real LonelyGirl15. I guess im becoming a bigger of YouTube creators. why not? I'm definetly not one to criticize someone for trying to do something they find worthy of being done.


I dont know if all of you have heard about the youtube web series lonelygirl15....

For more info, go to the Wired Magazine article here:

or wikipedia Lonelygirl15.

Essentially, its a video series on youtube about a young girl and her video blog shot in her room. except. its totally fictional. initially, the series was assumed to be real because there was no disclaimer stating otherwise. When it was first posted, the video mocked an already popular non fictional (or as non fictional as an internet identity can get) youtube vlog (video blog). This essentially was what helped create a fanbase for it. After a few months, the creators were outed. And just how many "great" things are made popular or known by controversy, so was Lonelygirl15. It was the shock that propelled it into notoreity. And rather than being the end of the series, this was the beginning of something new.


Lonelygirl15 is so awesome. I watched a few of her vlog entries when people still thought she was, you know, well, something a little more unified than she turned out to be. They were great. These guys are brilliant. They pulled a really awesome prank. Lonelygirl15 got so popular that the official websites were deemed insufficient by tens of thousands of fans, including various prominent writers and at least one Polish MP, who maintained a handful of popular fan sites, one of which, interestingly enough, was home to the investigators who cracked the whole thing wide open.

I have a friend who does similar things.

The controversy of Lonelygirl15

Why did I stay up until 2:00 in the morning last night without any homework due today? I blame it on you, Achillesheel. Last week you posted a very interesting entry about Lonelygirl15, the video blogger, "Bree," with mass viewership (100s of thousands/entry), who, as it turns out, is nothing more than the creation of three 23 year-old men and the actress they hired to play the main character. After reading your entry, I started checking out the vlog. What first drew me in was its mundane and uneventful nature. Lives really aren't that interesting on a moment to moment basis and "Bree" doesn't claim hers to be otherwise. The girl's dull presentation of lackluster subjects -- how her friend, Daniel, is lazy and rarely does anything, for example - leaves much to be desired. I wondered, what is it about this vlog that has intrigued so many people? (If any of you want to watch a couple of episodes, the link is at the bottom and I'd love to have this puzzle explained to me.) Not able to figure out the answer after a few "episodes," I had to watch more. It was not a good cycle.

Discussion anyone?

Becoming a "blogger" myself has forced me to pay more attention to the wonderful wide world of online authorship, and the latest story/controversy sure is a good one. lonelygirl15 was a screenname attached to a teenage girl named "Bree" who used myspace and youtube to display diary entries predominantly in video form. Though there are tons of similar diaries and videos, Bree's attracted a huge and devoted audience eager to know everything about her. They became skeptical that she was actually a 15-year old from suburban America and started sleuthing. This week the identities of the true creators was revealed to be three twenty-something male filmmakers who hired a 19 year old actress to "play" Bree.