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I'm not sure if this is something everyone already knows about, but YouTube and MySpace are in trouble with copyright laws. They rank 2nd and 3rd for the most videos shown per day (next to Yahoo (?)), and many of the videos posted by users who don't have the rights to do so. YouTube is throwing cash to Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group in order to avoid a lawsuit, and MySpace has some deal with Snocap I'm sure could be better described by our class MySpace expert (sorry I'm bad with names, no sarcasm intended). As we've seen with the South Park videos, YouTube is working on technology to keep users from posting copyrighted material.

Links to Copyright Terrorists

I love the fact that my thesis is about mashups, but it means that I often get sidetracked when I'm doing thesis research. On Friday night, for example, I was up until three in the morning downloading tracks from This is the genius behind the American Edit remix of the Green Day American Idiot album. I don't know if you all have heard of this, because I just read about it, but this time last it had Warner Brothers getting a cease and desist order against the guy. It's kind of cool, and I found a mySpace page that has decided to post many of the songs...available for download of course.

Electronic handshake gets the electronic finger

Today at my internship I was asked to screen several movies, all of which should never have been made in the first place with exception to Lloyd Kaufman's "POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD" (which I didn't even get to see because it was just a promo package from G4's ATTACK OF THE SHOW...which I interned for last summer...and the other film company I intern for subbed a script to us all my internships have come full circle...and I think I have too many internships and should just get a real job KTHX).

When I stuck the imaginatively named "Haunted Boat" into the DVD player, it didn't work. In fact, the DVD player made like it was going to explode. AND I KNEW IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE STUPID ELECTRONIC HANDSHAKE. Apparently the DVD was burned in a manner that made the DVD player mad because it wasn't watermarked etc. appropriately. The disk wasn't burned incorrectly, because it will play on other players. Normally i wouldn't really care, but after reading ANARCHIST I was pretty pissed off when the DVD player spat the DVD out for the 3rd time.

What's in a Name?

I was perusing the internet looking for things to blog about when I came across this weird article on Apparently, a man from a small town in Wisconsin was running for Sheriff and losing horribly. So rather than accept defeat, he legally changed his name to Andy Griffith. He claims it has nothing to do with the actor Andy Griffith or wanting to capitalize on the name to gain more votes for himself. Sorry guy, I'm not buying that. So now, the real Andy Griffith is suing the guy for violation of trademark and copyright laws. I feel bad for the guy, I mean, he lost went through the trouble of changing his name, but still lost the election and is now being sued. Sucks to be him, but this story does raise some interesting questions. With the increase in file sharing, copyrights are becoming a bigger and bigger issue. It's interesting to see this copyright paranoia carry over into something like a person's name. When does a name become more than just a name? When does it cross over into the realm of commodity?