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Did anyone know that this is a link on facebook?

"Check out the latest news, hot video and celebrity gossip in the FOX News Group!"

...yeah. There's a FOX News Group. I learned this when I clicked on "What's next?" on my homepage after playing a really nifty procrastinating game. This isn't a student-created group. It is definately a souped-up facebook page that FOX News creates and maintains, like a webpage.

While it's pretty obvious that FOX is paying Facebook for this slot, I'm a little...turned off by it, I suppose. Can anyone advertise on Facebook? And if any news group is going to create a group, WHY FOX?! I'm sorry but I forget who is working on social networking for her thesis--have you come across this? If you haven't, you should definitely check it out.


Did I really never post THIS when we were talking about video games??! I couldn't have missed such an opportunity to share joy. I don't really remember anything anymore.

Take a break and watch it. The sound is off and it drives me nuts, but it's pretty much the best thing since He-Man said HEY! WHAT'S GOIN ON!


When I talked about my thesis in class (independent film distribution, david lynch etc), I believe somebody mentioned something about "An Inconvenient Truth" getting dropped by a certain production/dist company (Disney?). I can't find anything about this. I'd really love a link to an article, or at least a little more information to help aid my search?

Thanks a lot.


Lindsay Hoyer Ludwick

I can't believe I'm going to say this where people can read it

but I'm 8 post know

So my girlfriend got D.E.B.S for us on Netflix, in that, "hey come on, I know it will be bad, but it could be fun, right?" sort of way and I was completely like "Oh my god, we can not watch this, like, fo'reals" but she prevailed, as often happens and we watched the movie.

And you know what? It wasn't actually horrible.
I mean it is in no way a "good movie"
It's a piece of crap, the sound quality is bad and the plot is laughable.

Only two things save it:
1) It doesn't take itself seriously and you can tell,
which is all important for bad movies. If they know they're bad and revel in their badness you can kinda be like "ok, I'll go there with you"
2) No one got reclaimed as a heterosexual,
which has got to be probably my biggest pet peeve with any movie that even flirts with queer content

For anyone who thinks they might actually see the movie *snort* and doesn't want me to ruin it, stop reading, for those who are as morbidly fascinated as I was, read on.


Alright, I'm going to ask this again:


It's a legit source. I want to quote it.

Impressive thesis topics

I was really impressed by today's class discussion regarding the topics that you all chose to do your thesis on. The range and breadth of subject matter that was covered was amazing, as I was intrigued as well as challenged to continue to sharpen my ideas for my own thesis. I also really appreciated how helpful everybody was to each other in giving helpful suggestions and questions so that we can really tighten our content. This is a short post, but I just wanted to let you all know that I was definately impressed today, as well as wanting to encourage you all to press on with your thesis despite whatever circumstances arises.

The Emperor's New Postmodern Clothes

So I was reading this book called Making Sense of Media the other day, and stumbled upon an essay called "A Postmodern Perspective on Madonna" by a professor at Amherst. It starts off, "In the works of Madonna, a predominant concept is the concept of textual consciousness. It could be said that the primary theme of the works of Madonna is not, in fact, discourse, but subdiscourse--" I'm reading the article as I usually read things with the word "postmodern" in their title and I'm thinking, hmmm-- yeah, I guess I can see that, wait, let me read that one more time, hmmm, maybe once more, yes, I agree with that, what is she saying here? Ok, let's figure it out. Ohhh, right right right. I get to the end of the article though, and I see I have been completely duped!!! It wasn't even a real essay. It was written by something called a "Postmodern Generator" which apparently "creates essays that seem, at first glance, reasonable, but turn out to be unintelligible". So I guess it turns out that what I thought were just incredibly convoluted sentence structure and ideas (a bad habit that all postmodern authors just so happened to have a habit of) is actually a systematic form of backward, unintelligible writing that they are TRYING to achieve! The essay I read is just making fun of the fact that a few philosophers, media theorists, cultural critics, etc. have created such a ridiculous form of writing that a generator can produce a "postmodernist" essay just as easily. Go to and the first thing that pops up will be an essay created by a postmodern generator. Here's the one I got:

So I should be finishing my project, but this show intrigued me and I was sucked into media culture... again

While I came home with every intention of working on my project right at 10 pm and putting finishing touches on it tonight, I was, alas, entrapped in this television show that one of the ladies in my apartment was watching and now I have something to blog about, but no real progress on that whole project thing. Either way, I guess it's beneficial for this course, so it's only a little bit bad.

The show was a special investigation done by ABC Primetime News entitled Basic Instincts: What Would You Do? It's a Candid Camera type show, but with socially taboo or unacceptable situations, not comedic situations. The whole idea is even if people are morally against certain issues in society, most of the time they won't speak out against them in specific social situations. Here are the examples that I saw from tonight's show (I guess it is a limited series).

Picture me in class when you read this. It will be almost like I was there.

So I wasn't able to come to class tonight due to a prior engagement so I am blogging to convey my sadness for not being able to attend class and hear about everyone's wonderful papers and projects. I am sure they were all extraordinarily fascinating as I would expect nothing less from such an academically gifted group of students.

Also, since I have yet to blog about my term paper slash thesis and I was unable to talk about it with you all in class today I am going to briefly blog about it instead.

Here goes... I have chosen to write my thesis about the ways in which the US media portray Latinos and how these representations fuel the perceptions of Latinos in American society and more specifically how these media images impact public opinion on immigration and border policy. Phew. That's a mouth full.

One time I thought I was smart and then I decided that no, I was obviously dumb for thinking that.

How do I quote Wikipedia in my paper? Can I do that? Can I just say "according to wikipedia" blah or should I include some sort of footnote and treat it like a real encyclopedia article?

In other news I envy my rabbit, who has no idea how to write or even speak english but gets along just fine without having to deal with the travesties of academia. Right now he is napping with his head on a newspaper article, which he has no idea how to read and probably doesn't even understand or interpret as "newspaper"; more likely he is more invested in its chewing qualities. Most of my library books smell bad, but at this point I'd rather eat them than read them. the vein of a David Lynch movie or Kafka narrative, I'd like to turn into a rabbit.