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Another YouTube Phenomenon: "What Do You Love About Music"

So I heard this quote last night, and it reminded me of gwen's thesis (or at the very least, her thesis proposal, which dealt with the difference between activist rock in the sixties and the lame stuff we're left with today):

"Rock isn't dangerous anymore. The revolutionaries have long since packed their bags and moved uptown, creating a void left to be filled with derivative, tired out music, faux-angst, and lip gloss. Hollywood has officially invaded rock, and Hollywood ain't dangerous."

Where did I hear this, you might wonder? C'mon, I'm in MS 190... where ELSE would I have heard it but YouTube?

While procrastinating in the library last night (which happens now more than ever, since my laptop broke a month ago, and when I access other computers, I feel a need to make up for lost time on YouTube, Myspace, and Facebook), I found this video blog series called "What Do You Love About Music." It's run by a 19-year-old guy out of Purcellville, Virginia. He calls himself peterparker86. Apparently he's obsessed with music and wants to become a journalist, so he's started his own "show" out of his dorm room. He's attracted quite a following... i.e. his first video, uploaded just 3 weeks ago, has already gotten 1,269 views. Maybe that's not that significant in the world of YouTube, where the gay He-Man cilp has undoubtedly been watched hundreds of thousands of times... but still, it's more of an audience than I've ever gotten for anything I've produced. Thanks to YouTube, we're now living in an era where anyone can have their 15 minutes of fame. It seems that all you need to become an Internet celebrity these days is a webcam and an opinion, whatever that opinion may be.

On another note: I think that gwen and BuildingsAndFood should start their own versions of "What Do You Love About Music." If you did, I would watch it (and so would thousands of other people, I'm sure).