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blog about blogging

now i shall reflect on my time as a blogger here.

first off, to respond to ghostwriter's post. i originally wanted my name to be MoFoSnakes but when I signed up for the name, it totally slipped my mind (much to my dismay). Why I chose neurotica is that i feel really neurotic every minute of the day.

again, like many others, this blogging thing has grown on me. i'm interested in reading what other people say, and it's cool to write about something new I've found out, or something that's been on my mind lately. it was an interesting way to get to know the class. when we were presenting on our thesis topics, that's when i was able to associate the screen name to the actual person.

however, i'm not sure if i will continue blogging in the future or maintain one for myself. i've had failed livejournals, and attempted to keep a blog about my summer but stopped halfway through. i can't make myself do it all the time. it seems like i need to make it more regular then a journal, cuz would it lose relevance if no one is reading my blog? The main reason why I may not create my own personal blog after this experience is because this was a communal blog. it felt like a community, where everyone was equally discussing stuff. i find this more interesting than if the blog was just focused on me, and the comments were just in relation to what I said. i liked using blogging as a means for everyone to communicate.

peace out y'all. happy non-denominatinal winter holiday!