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KIDS incorporated

granted, this was inspired by youtube. another reason why youtube has become an everyday part of my life is that it has enabled me to watch clips from the TV shows of my childhood, which i thought was lost to me forever. One such show is KIDS incorporated.

This show used to play on the Disney Channel right before the Micky Mouse Club. KIDS incorporated as spawned the careers of Fergie from Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Love Hewitt and a guy from six feet under. The concept of the show is kind of weird. it's about these kids who have a band, kids incorporated. it just follows their lives, and throughout the show they do covers of songs that were popular at the time. though in theory they rewrote songs so they didn't seem scandalous, there's a clip when they're covering "physical" and it still seems raunchy.

anyways...there has been talks about releasing it on DVD, however nothing is concrete because dealing with the rights. on one hand, the rights of the show is divied up between different companies. also, the issue with the copyrights for all the music featured can be a pain in the butt. it's crazy to think about how pervasive those issues are.