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We just watched a commercial for Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky Balboa" here in my room (It's the Video Game Awards and apparently we are watching them here. I know, crazy. But Erin Kiskis worked at X Fire over the summer, and I worked at G4, so pretty much we're huge nerds and we are all about video games?). I THINK SYLVESTER STALLONE NEEDS TO STOP MAKING MOVIES.


I have nothing against Stallone. But I think we need to stay away from the sequels. HE IS 60, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. SIXTY. I don't think sixty is OLD, but it's old for Rambo.

This leads me to ponder Hollywood and "the sequel". Is it possible that, at some point in the near future, we will have exhausted all possible plot lines? Will something ALWAYS be associated with something else, or be labeled as a "ripoff" or "clone"? Have we already reached this point? Are copyright laws going to shut everyone down at some point, with every company trying to get a piece of what they believe to be their intellectual property?

While working my internships, I learned a valuable lesson. When Production Companies value a script, they often look into the promise of "a sequel", especially when considering a horror flick. Sequels do well in Hollywood, mostly because they have a built-in audience. This leads me to question: Has anyone seen a sequel that was BETTER than the first? So far I can think of Harry Potter (sry, Chris, but your first two sucked) and EVIL DEAD (Army of Darkness was the best). Sequels seem like a copout. Anyone want to argue? Please?

it very much depends

i agree that a lot of sequels are copouts. it's easy to tell when they are. the worst (or arguable the best, only because it's so bad) are the ones where the sequels essentially recreate the plot of the first one but with different characters, like GREASE 2 (which i actually do not so secretly love), teen wolf too (which ain't so bad cuz it's filmed at pomona!), and any of those straight to video ones of recent teen movies (like cruel intentions and the skulls) that you kind find on the racks at any blockbuster.

sometimes they can be good. but they are rare. however, good movies are also kind of rare. movies where they're made for the quality of story, expression, etc.and not just for marketing purposes (or if they're able to somehow overcome those profit pressures). godfather II is good, empire strikes back, i can't think of anything else.