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i heart youtube

youtube has made the last week bearable and livable for me. it has definitely become a part of my repertoire of sites i always check when i go online (e-mail, facebook, myspace, wikipedia, nytimes, and now youtube). i think it's cool that it's sort of become like a reference source. for instance, if someone makes a crazy appearance on a tv show, youtube it. you can catch up on stuff in your own pace.

the newest thing i like about is how people in video classes are putting their stuff up (like some folks in this class). it's a cool space to show your work because on one hand there's the potential that lots of people can see it. on the otherhand, it's not an intimidating place because there are so many videos that range from being almost professional to just being home videos. i would feel less self conscious to post my stuff on youtube because i can comfortably fall within that huge range. also, there's the anonymous nature of it. in my video classes, i would always dread critiques (even though in the end i did enjoy them). they were nervewracking because i'm putting myself on the line, everyone knows me, my past work, and i'm seeing people as they watch my work, as they critique my stuff. on youtube, though similar dialogues can happen, there's a distance, that for me, makes it more comforting.

however, it seems like it's on the brink of losing that wonderful awesomeness as it gets infiltrated by the powers that be! :-(