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So we already outed lonelygirl15. We know she's a fraud. Nevertheless, she haunts us to this day. Go to YouTube, and half of the most popular videos refer to her work. Google lonelygirl15, and you get over a million hits.
Anyway, she's spawned this awesome cultural phenomenon that's just getting more and more creative. Some of this stuff is just brilliant. It's really cool that YouTube creates a context in which this sort of thing can happen. Stars pop up overnight. Nobodies do funny things and are recognized for it. Check out some lonelygirl15-inspired videos. I highly recommend lonelyterrorist15:
and lonelygirl15 sex tape:

video fun ya ya

what i love about all these viral internet videos that become popular, is how they spawn all these other videos that reference. i remember way back in the day, the "numa numa" guy video was amazing in itself (the guy singing and dancing to the o-zone song), but then there all these videos after that made other videos with that footage.

one example is this video "noah takes a photo of himself everyday for 6 years". the title is pretty explanatory of what the video is. after he posted that up, there are all these videos that have been made in response to it. some are tributes, some recreate what he does, while others are parodies. in our discussions of copyright, there has often been an emphasis on what it's like to borrow from mainstream sources,like sampling well known stuff in music, since those are often when the major lawsuits happen. it's interesting to see how people are playing off each other who are all working within the same medium sort of (self-posted youtube videos)