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Good call, ghostwriter. I think this is an issue that really needs to see the glorious light of day. I go by bubbleboy14 because I took a bubble bath when I was a baby, and have since been known as "bubbleboy." Additionally, I got the internet when I was 14, so "bubbleboy14" was my first aol screen name.
This screen name has seen a lot of action, no kidding. It was bubbleboy14, after all, who first talked to strangers on the internet.

ball and chain

it's fun how people can get tied to certain screen names. for example, my aim is thuy96. 1996 was when my family got the internet. thuy is my mom's name. for awhile she was the only one with a screenname and didn't let me have my own so i had to use hers. then she got into chatting online and created new screen names (kind of sketch). however, all my friends in middle school already used thuy96 for me so now i'm stuck with it to this day!

the bubble boy

interesting. doesn't everyone take bubble baths as a baby? funny that the nickname stuck this long. i thought it might have had something to do with the bubble boy... you know, the guy who lived inside a bubble because he had no immune system. growing up in houston, i lived across the street from the bubble boy's doctor... true story. more details on wikipedia: david vetter, "the boy in the plastic bubble."