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I'm not sure if this is something everyone already knows about, but YouTube and MySpace are in trouble with copyright laws. They rank 2nd and 3rd for the most videos shown per day (next to Yahoo (?)), and many of the videos posted by users who don't have the rights to do so. YouTube is throwing cash to Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group in order to avoid a lawsuit, and MySpace has some deal with Snocap I'm sure could be better described by our class MySpace expert (sorry I'm bad with names, no sarcasm intended). As we've seen with the South Park videos, YouTube is working on technology to keep users from posting copyrighted material.

The article I got this info from seems to think MySpace will suffer huge user fallbacks if they get better music/video banning capabilities, but I don't really agree. Most people use it for social networking or else to look up songs by bands, posted by the band itself on its own myspace page.

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hopefully the fate of napster shall not befall youtube, myspace video, and the like!