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i used to think if i ever became the lead singer of a punk band i would call it "no self control"

I don't know what happened in between that rebellious young sprite and this washed up college student struggling to finish six blogs before I leave this desk. I was going somewhere with this, but I forget where. So in lieu of that I think this would be a good time and place to do a quarter-life assessment.

I sit in front of three parking tickets, from various times in the past few weeks when I've lost or otherwise neglected my car. I found my bike last night while skateboarding because I thought my bike had been stolen. I left it on the bike rack outside our class last wednesday. In fifth grade I thought I had been shot but really a kid had just thrown an egg at my head. I did accidentally stick a tack in my temple last year however. I also thought kiddie porn was "kitty porn" until last year. A documentary I was making for an independent study is due tomorrow but both Pitzer's and my harddrive are out of space so I'm not sure what to do. Mario, I copped your suicide idea for my final media sketchbook film. Lindsay, the music you asked about from our prank-remake video is DJ Schmolli "satan.omen.death," chosen by Mario. And Clay, I feel like I'm leaving you out of this list of people who won't read this, did you know Lawless brought your Bush bombing video up at the trial? I can't remember why, but oh, did she bring it up. And I'm forgetting Professor Fitzpatrick: I'm sorry I haven't responded to your email, as you can see I've been busy blogging but I will get to it asap.

And so all in all, I think I've lead a good life.




Where can I get his stuff? Is he on the server or myspace or anything?

hahahaaa the first read

hahahaaa the first read through i thought you were asking for kitty porn......

all i know is mario has his stuff, he can IM it to you

oh yeah my original point

oh yeah my original point was that self control only denies something, whether natural or not, under the surface of our actions which is there, whether we recognize it or not. for me right now, this headache and bachache and heartache and inner chaos are not getting nearly enough attention. but at least i got my blogs done.