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thank you, everyone!

to everyone, blogging with you and being with you in class has been awesome. i wish media studies majors had been able to come together like this more throughout our time here. i am really impressed (and entertained *smile*) by everyone's comments and thesis topics, and i'm really excited to hear how they turn out, whether they be about PWT, mash-ups, wikipedia, or digital poetry (and all the other amazing ones too). three-hour classes never passed so quickly before.

i wish everyone a happy winter break and the best of luck with everything next semester. i kinda wish we could keep this blog going to keep in touch, but that's kinda unrealistic. oh well. c'est la vie. it's been fun, and i hope to see y'all around. senior year's halfway over--AHHH!

peace out!!!!

It is obvious you saved all

It is obvious you saved all these blogging assignments to the end. bravo!