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new thesis option: scott mccloud-style

so i was thinking. in doing our thesis, we have the paper option and the project option. yet it seems that many of us doing the paper are incorporating project components, whether that be a CD of mash-ups or digital poetry (from people whose new bff is dreamweaver-lol!) mine has a website component too.

all this makes sense, because we want to show it, not just say it. that was the cool thing about scott mccloud and his theory of comic books; he debunked the notion that "truly great works of art and literature are only possible when the two are kept at arm's length" (mccloud 140) by using comics to theorize on the validity of the comic form and its ability to convey complex ideas. well done. he has a chapter on this called "show and tell" (138).

i think that should be a third thesis option: "show and tell"--half project, half paper. thoughts?