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I totally forgot about how much I love this video. It's old, but absolutly amazing. It's a good thing to watch if you are (like me) dying with all your finalswork.

And while you're watching it, you can ponder how it's illegal (both the 4 Non-Blondes song AND the He-Man footage) and think about how the author "queered up" He-man.

This video is the reason I think copyright laws should be abolished, because the world would be a little less bright without this brilliant star.


i just finished my fourth time watching it (had to show roommate, and then the rest of my suitemates). that is one of the most amazing things i have ever seen in my life. now finals week is livable!!!

it makes me happy that there are people with the time and the inclination to do that. though queering up he man is pretty easy (which i only learned by watching various nostalgia specials like i love the 90's).

I just have to say thank you

I just have to say thank you for posting this, it was hilarious. Me and neurotica watched it twice and then we spread the word to our suitemates. Appropriation videos are so fun and I think that He-man has given me the strength to continue working on my thesis.

omg, we posted at the exact

omg, we posted at the exact same time. Winners@life.


that was mos. def. not intended! kerazzzzeeeee!!!


So I've never even heard of He-Man before this, but that was still hilarious!

copyright laws

I completely agree. People should be allowed to appropriate copyrighted works for stuff like this, especially if they're just showing it on YouTube and aren't going to make any money off of it. In this case copyright laws just stifle creativity and support the system (i.e. only those who are rich enough can buy the rights and determine how the material gets used, as with Michael Jackson owning the rights to the Beatles' songs)...