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on a similar vein as kkkramer

Hey folks. Awhile ago there was a video that was banned on YouTube. It was the music video for the Staten-Island based MC, NY Oil, for his song "Y'all Should get lynched". The song and music video criticizes mainstream rappers who have "sold out". The video takes images of these artists, like 50 Cent, Foxy Brown, (and later condoleezza rice) etc. and juxtapose them with old "coon" and sambo imagery, as well as photos of lynched black men. I was curious what other people thought of this.

Here's a link to view the video:

I have mixed feelings myself. On one hand, I agree with what his criticisms are, however I'm not sure if I agree with how he goes about it. Lynching is a very powerfully violent image to provoke. Also, there's a section of the song where he talks about women, and how they're disrespecting themselves by shaking their asses. He has a line that says (to an extent cuz i'm doing it by memory) "with your tits popping out...bitch ass hos get pimped, not treated special", and then that is followed by clips from a porn where a black woman is being raped by a white men. It felt like he was saying that women who choose to dress or act a certain way, deserve the assaultive treatment they get. in the end, he reproduces a lot of the misogynist and homophobic aspects of mainstream rap, though he challenges an essentialized notion of blackness, he does so by creating another.

something else i'm curious about what you all think, is the fact that this video was banned from youtube. the michael richards video, though it's filled with the n word and lynching references is still on the youtube. Was this video banned because it calls out specific people? Or is it because it is politically charged, and has a message, while the Michael Richards Video does not? Is it more okay to have this video on youtube because it's a celebrity, or because he's going off on people in a specific context, in the realm of that comedy club, and not to others in general? Or is it because on one hand, we can feel removed from it because of his celebrity status, but also because it repeats the scenarios of racism we're comfortable labeling as racism, the privileged white guy calling black people the n word? the ny oil becomes more complicated because he's addressing the issues of black people degrading other black people, and discussing race in a more complex manner than the simplistic issues where there's thought to be a more clear right and wrong.

KKKramer vs. NY Oil

The only thing I can think of is that the music video was banned because of the visual imagery. I think the song, to any other picture montage, would have remained on YouTube. Then again, I haven't really searched around YouTube to figure out if equally graphic videos are posted.

Yeah, I also came across

Yeah, I also came across this video while doing research for my thesis. I also had conflicting feelings about it, like you brought up in your second paragraph. On the message board I'm researching a thread was started with a link to the video. All of the people who responded to the video on the board seemed to agree wholeheartedly with the video's aims and approach. That was odd/interesting to me because it's a forum tends to be more open and populated by people who eschew all notions of a monolithic blackness. It's one thing to call someone out, but it's another thing entirely to say that they should be lynched. As for why it was banned, I'm not sure, although you do raise some interesting possibilities. Also, maybe it was banned because of its violent nature, saying that people should be lynched and implying that "loose" women deserve to be raped? I don't know.