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Another YouTube Phenomenon: "What Do You Love About Music"

So I heard this quote last night, and it reminded me of gwen's thesis (or at the very least, her thesis proposal, which dealt with the difference between activist rock in the sixties and the lame stuff we're left with today):

"Rock isn't dangerous anymore. The revolutionaries have long since packed their bags and moved uptown, creating a void left to be filled with derivative, tired out music, faux-angst, and lip gloss. Hollywood has officially invaded rock, and Hollywood ain't dangerous."

Where did I hear this, you might wonder? C'mon, I'm in MS 190... where ELSE would I have heard it but YouTube?

Blog Blahbla

well time is now running out on Wednesday, December 13th, and this will be my last blog entry for this course. I think there's a good chance that this will be my last blog ever.
The experience of keeping a blog is one that I'm glad I had, but I didn't really take full advantage of it. This can really be a great outlet for thoughts and ideas, and thoughts, and other things that happen in brains. Mostly I looked at the blog as a chore throughout the semester, but it should have been more than that. This blog could have been the greatest blog in all the land. Fables could have been written about this blog. This blog could have been the stuff of legend.

blog about blogging

now i shall reflect on my time as a blogger here.

first off, to respond to ghostwriter's post. i originally wanted my name to be MoFoSnakes but when I signed up for the name, it totally slipped my mind (much to my dismay). Why I chose neurotica is that i feel really neurotic every minute of the day.

again, like many others, this blogging thing has grown on me. i'm interested in reading what other people say, and it's cool to write about something new I've found out, or something that's been on my mind lately. it was an interesting way to get to know the class. when we were presenting on our thesis topics, that's when i was able to associate the screen name to the actual person.

KIDS incorporated

granted, this was inspired by youtube. another reason why youtube has become an everyday part of my life is that it has enabled me to watch clips from the TV shows of my childhood, which i thought was lost to me forever. One such show is KIDS incorporated.

This show used to play on the Disney Channel right before the Micky Mouse Club. KIDS incorporated as spawned the careers of Fergie from Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Love Hewitt and a guy from six feet under. The concept of the show is kind of weird. it's about these kids who have a band, kids incorporated. it just follows their lives, and throughout the show they do covers of songs that were popular at the time. though in theory they rewrote songs so they didn't seem scandalous, there's a clip when they're covering "physical" and it still seems raunchy.

consumer whores

I just saw this video on TV as a Mountain Dew Commercial. I feel like YouTube has been infiltrated. Run, save yourself.


We just watched a commercial for Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky Balboa" here in my room (It's the Video Game Awards and apparently we are watching them here. I know, crazy. But Erin Kiskis worked at X Fire over the summer, and I worked at G4, so pretty much we're huge nerds and we are all about video games?). I THINK SYLVESTER STALLONE NEEDS TO STOP MAKING MOVIES.


I have nothing against Stallone. But I think we need to stay away from the sequels. HE IS 60, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. SIXTY. I don't think sixty is OLD, but it's old for Rambo.

i heart youtube

youtube has made the last week bearable and livable for me. it has definitely become a part of my repertoire of sites i always check when i go online (e-mail, facebook, myspace, wikipedia, nytimes, and now youtube). i think it's cool that it's sort of become like a reference source. for instance, if someone makes a crazy appearance on a tv show, youtube it. you can catch up on stuff in your own pace.

the newest thing i like about is how people in video classes are putting their stuff up (like some folks in this class). it's a cool space to show your work because on one hand there's the potential that lots of people can see it. on the otherhand, it's not an intimidating place because there are so many videos that range from being almost professional to just being home videos. i would feel less self conscious to post my stuff on youtube because i can comfortably fall within that huge range. also, there's the anonymous nature of it. in my video classes, i would always dread critiques (even though in the end i did enjoy them). they were nervewracking because i'm putting myself on the line, everyone knows me, my past work, and i'm seeing people as they watch my work, as they critique my stuff. on youtube, though similar dialogues can happen, there's a distance, that for me, makes it more comforting.


So I guess now I am going to reflect on blogs in general. I think blogging is somewhat amazing. For me, it is like keeping a journal. Only it easier than an actual journal because
1) your sister can't break into it (private entries, at least), and
2) it's an amazing archive of your life.

Unfortunately I pretty much stopped blogging last year. When I look back at old blogs from high school I feel dumb. I made some really retarded entries. I like to think that I've "matured" since high school, but the sad truth is I'll probably look back on this year's (few) entries and think I was just as retarded, if not more.

authorin' is funny times

yo. so i've been taking a screenwriting class, and it's the first creative writing class i've ever really taken, so it's the first time in college where i've been creaing my own work. though, like all of you, as the liberal arts college student i am, i've written volumes, none of this really seemed to be like my own work, cuz it's all based on researching something else, it's all done in a framework of a class, etc.

throughout the class, we're supposed to have written a feature length screenplay (80-120 pages). being in this class, while being in senior seminar at the same time has been interesting, since we've been examining deeply what it means to be an author, etc. and now i'm trying it out. I just turned it in today and i'm thinking about the whole process.