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maitriagain's blog

i promised i wouldn't blog nonsense just for the sake of blogging, but...

a blog i bet you all will appreciate

i was reading all of these amazing last-minute homestretch blogs, which are pretty awesome in general (thanks for all the links, lindsay) and somehow my neighbor heard what i was up to and recommended me to check out that global o site, seeing as how i was getting such a kick out of the internet. i thought the home website ( was pretty kickass, but the fact that there was a BLOG link got me way too excited - and reminded me of these lurking blogs that i need to complete... ah enough of that.

as i was seeking inspiration for a blog topic (slash surfing the net), i stumbled across MORE information about this horny manatee business. these underground flash phenomena really blow my mind -- especially how the internet can help encourage and support likeminded people into action. but i can't help but wonder to what end? like this global orgasm thing for example, more power to the movement (and i hope you all participate, and continue to take me somewhat seriously as a person...) hopefully it will make a positive peaceful difference in the world - oh tangent here, but has anyone seen "a constant gardener"? i just watched it and it was amazing and everything, but the realities of corruption were still hard for me to handle. and this movie had such a social consciousness and was still critically acclaimed, i hope it opened up some minds at least... -- and yeah, back to media making a difference, i like where this is going so i posted it for you all - but at the same time i also think it's hilarious. same with the manatee stuff, i know it was born from a conan skit but i mean over a million hits in a few days? thats hella popular, right? and the same with - all of these websites have caught my attention in that they are crazy popular for the simple basic concepts shown on the web. i still can't wrap my head around it - and more importantly to me, how this can be converted into real actual change.

manatee websites and general madness

omg i am trying to make a blog tag

there, hopefully is a link to a NYT article i just stumbled on while distracting myself from writing final papers. and now i'm blogging as distraction from other work, oh how i rue finals week.

but this article is still ridiculous to me -- firstly, that this entire new joke/hype was all out of a kneejerk reaction to avoid lawsuits... it just seemed super timely that an article like this popped up, when i find myself wondering how exactly the digital world influences the production of media (my other paper thats on my plate right now is how tv affects societal perceptions of polygamy, so horny manatees are way more fun to read about for the time being). it's just still so crazy to me how much advertisement and savviness has to go into digital responses and promotions and everything that gets tied along with any sort of media today. every movie and tv show has an official website, not to mention how everything written in relation to a show is also online - and soon enough the show itself might exist primarily on the web.

better late than never......?

Is that saying about things are better late than never really true? ...

So, I feel pretty stupid and kinda embarrassed. I talked a big game and tried to catch up all during November by blogging everyday. But then I forgot (on day four) and then shortened my commitment to during the weekdays only -- and then I was like, I don't have time to blog on Wednesdays and then it just all went to hell.

I apologize for leading you all on. That wasn't right of me, but I was really hoping I would actually write so many blogs so I wouldn't end up where I am right now. Which is now hovering between screwed and lostcause territory.

on homosexual mash-ups

i remember my first introduction to youtube was when i was abroad in france, and i found an article online talking about how the trailer for brokeback mountain was being reappropriated with many other films - and how the resulting videos ranged in success. there was one for point break, heat, and many others, including brokeback to the future (probably my favorite). this article mentioned how carefully viewers must have been to know these films, to be able to lift and recontruct a new meaning to some charged "homosocial" scenes between two men. and seeing the closer + star trek mashup, i was wondering about the motivation behind it. i feel like there are some intersections to be found, thinking in terms of vito russo's celluloid closet, and how there was a homosexual subtext in many films under the hays code - and that still continues in modern films. the representations of male buddies/companions still seems to be something that can't be explored fully on screen, so it's interesting to see how these heterosexual friendships are parodied into suggesting homosexual relations on youtube. who is the creator of things like this? what is her/his purpose? for some reason, i have this hunch that it's a teenage boy who's doing it for shits and giggles, but then i wonder who the target audience is? beyond the immediate group of friends said author is sharing these works with, on youtube it opens up accessibility, and then a major paper (i think it was the nyt) reports on it... i wonder what this new message is. i noticed the comments on youtube for the star trek video were mostly focused on how this was funny - but also creepy. and in class, we all laughed to see the funny new way that back to the future was presented to us -- but what is really being said in cases like this?, i oan't help but wonder. and how come the ones i am familiar with usually involved suggesting male homosexual undertones made overt?

questions for the man....ovich

For the time being, I will write out the questions I had for one Lev Manovich in response to "The Forms"

On page 215, Manovich writes that within computer culture "the user navigates through a virtual space both to work and play, whether analyzing scientific data or killing enemies in Quake". While I can understand the main point behind this, my first reaction was -- that doesn't exactly add up. In games, there is a created "world" and sphere that is virtual and navigable -- with databases and scientific information, I get the vibe that there is not so much of a difference between the virtual experience and the real experience of looking at pure information. I'd think the graphs tables and such would be just on a screen as opposed to within a book -- and while that is indeed different in many wanys, it didn't seem so comparable to computer game worlds, personally.

ooh cutting it close to count for monday...

SO this weekend a student-directed theatre production, STOPKISS, went up. And yours truly was overzealous enough to agree to help stage manage rehearsals -- and seeing the final product really got me thinking about authorship and theatre. I haven't delved too deeply in this yet, but I wonder if a part of it's unique appeal is how authorship is constantly shifting in the message/meaning of a play. A playwright does his or her thing, and writes the text and all that. Then a director reads, feels inspired, and pitches his or her vision to a producer to get the thing up. Then actors interpret and create, and finally an audience receives the combined efforts, and I wonder how that equation flow chart actually manages to not come off as completely schizophrenic and impossible to comprehend. It seems almost miraculous, but then again it would also lead to me new conclusions about why live theatre, hell live performances, are only attended by less than 2% of the American Population. 26% apparently still go see movies -- at least 3 a year or month, I can't remember exactly, whereas 98% watch television regularly--

my notes

there's a bunch of notes i have on seeing both amy tan and david sedaris live, but still they are a bit unorganized so i will just put them out there, on the world wide web - for now here are my notes:

David edaris
Hearing his coming out story, his actual life experience told as he wants it.

Different moments of humor

The power of 'confessional' lyric writing vs. hearing it performed aloud

Experiences are more vivid?

References another writer, Susan Sheehan, shocked to find no one has read her work

Bar run by midgets in Manilla, then "sells" Tokyo

Proudest to be published in New Yorker, will leave the table of contents open and walk by and look at it in pleasant surprise.

oh this blogging every day is harder than i thought

... and it's only november 2! i just had to sprint back from a social gathering, realizing it was nearly midnight and i had forgotten to post today. this should be an interesting month...

while my thoughts are still scattered and under-developed, i would like to look into my notes on two authors who have recently spoke here at the 5-cs. tonight i heard amy tan, and a few days ago i heard david sedaris - and each time, i was hit with little lightbulbs of inspiration when i realized i was witnessing my notions of authorship shift. reading an author's work is drastically changed once you hear (and see) said author live, even more so when you hear them read their own work in their voice.

first person

i found this reading particularly impossible to wrap my head around, as i kept coming back to the basic thought that video games and narratives are not so easily combined, and for good reason. i can understand a desire to look at narratives in a critical context, and for game studies/ludology to develop as a theoretical approach to a growing medium... but after a while, i realized that this need to combine digital/video games with a narrative was like having your cake and eating it, too.
so it was interesting to see where the class discussion led to tonight, but at the same time i feel like there is this obvious disconnect between computer studies and narratiology, and that this gray area was exactly what "First Person" focused a lot of energy on (or at least the parts I managed to plow through...)

and again the internet solves a dilemma for me

so i have recently been pondering/freaking out on how i am woefully behind on blogging, yet STILl i have nothing noteworthy to blog about. i made a deal with myself that my only hope of getting my blogshit together was to post everyday of november. sorry, class, i know it's going to get old, but there is no real way around it. just pray for mojo, and that i get a clue about things that will be awesome for you to read.

but wait! there's more. surfing the ol' internet (instead of reading first person, which i can only handle in small portions for some reason... more on that, to be sure) i came across this, and it just made my world come together for a brief shiny moment.