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KF's blog

Site Archived

What you see here is a static archive of a site that once ran in Drupal. Accordingly, many functions have been disabled and some links may no longer work.

Another Public Service Announcement

I've had a request for some quantification of the blogging requirement.

tonight's class

Don't forget: tonight's class will meet at 7.30 in Rose Hills Theater, for the screening of Moseley Fellow Tom Musca's film MELTING POT, and the Q&A to follow. See you there.

A word to the wise

Them that are wise won't leave their blogging for the last minute. Remember the weekly requirements, and space them out. Post as you have a thought -- in fact, use your postings to generate thoughts! -- rather than updating in a mad rush before class...


Just a quick post this morning to say thanks to all of you for an excellent class last night; we were dealing with awfully difficult material, and I think we did a good job of wrestling through it. I'm *not*, by any stretch of the imagination, a night person -- my brain pretty much takes a hiatus around 9 pm -- but last night's class was quite energizing. I'll be looking forward to next week.


I've enabled categories/tagging for the site, and have in fact made such tagging mandatory. You should assign all future posts to a category -- such as "site information," the category of this post -- by typing a keyword into the "categories" input field. (You can input multiple such tags, by separating them with commas.) If there's already a tag available that's close to what you're typing in, the software will attempt to auto-complete it.

The important part of tagging is that it enables us to think about how posts relate to one another, and to read the site from multiple perspectives -- so if, for instance, you wanted to read what everyone had to say about Barthes, you could click on the "Barthes" tag. There's now also a tag-cloud at left that reveals what we're blogging about most (bigger typeface = more posts).

Getting Started

This is the traditional "getting started" blog post. More posts, with actual substance, will follow shortly.