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Week 14: Workshops and Concluding Thoughts

Workshop full scripts
Concluding thoughts.
Final scripts due: Wednesday, 5:00 pm.

Week 13: Workshops

Workshop full scripts

Week 12: Workshops

Workshop full scripts
No class Wednesday — Thanksgiving break

Week 11: Setups and Payoffs: Act III

Screenplay and film: American Beauty
Screenplay and film: Adaptation
Act II due Monday

Week 10: Finishing Act II

Workshop: selected scenes

Week 9: Returning to Structure

Screenplay and film: Lost in Translation
Workshop: selected scenes

Week 8: Scenes in Act II

Screenplay and film: Lone Star
Workshop: selected scenes
Writing Assignment 6 due the class period before your workshop slot

Week 7: Writing the Second Act

No class Monday — Fall break.
Screenplay and film: The Sixth Sense
Halperin, ch. 1-5
Writing assignment 5 due Wednesday

Week 6: Act I

Screenplay and film: Crimes and Misdemeanors
Workshop: selected scenes
Act I due Wednesday

Week 5: More on Characters

Screenplay and film: Miller’s Crossing
McKee, ch 7-10; Seger, ch. 1-4
Workshop: selected scenes
Writing assignment 4 due the class period before your workshop slot