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Farewell and Goodnight

Well, I'm hopping on the bandwagon of farewell posts and summations. While I didn't always appreciate the requirement to post x number of times on the blog, I must admit that it added a great deal to the class. In a conventional classroom setting, you may occasionally see people reach beyond the scope of the assigned material, but it's generally in a generalized way, like "Well, this really reminds me of another book I've read, which I will now briefly summarize for you." Unless you happen to be familiar with the reference, you are left to just nod and trust the speaker to inerpret the text for you. With a blog and, more importantly, the ability to link, we are free to actually look at the source and make our own interpretation, thereby getting both the cross-pollination as one professor put it once, and an expansion of the class's discourse that goes beyond a dead-end reference.