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Why was this so hard?

If you've read my comments on anonymity on the internet, you might know why I've had such problems posting on this blog. If you've put up with me talking about it, I appreciate it greatly. So here are my thoughts on why I've had such trouble (or stop reading. also a feasible response)--

Everything on the internet is tracked and permanent. Although I appreciate KF's gesture to our digital responsibility by giving us all pseudonyms, I have no illusions that there are any number of ways people can figure out who's who on this blog. From extremely technical methods to the very basic social engineering, it's fairly simple to circumvent the pseudonym system. So people can figure out who I am -- big deal, right?

A Number's Game

During the past couple of days, it's been pretty hilarious in that commiserative, "I feel your panic/pain" sort of way, to check up on the away messages of my friends in this and the other blogging class and repeatedly see some variation on the theme of "-- out of 36." Or in the really unfortunate cases, "- out of 36."

That said, there's a visibly productive side to this frantic game of catch up many of us are playing.

A late realization

I just had a huge "duh" moment about this blog.

Has it felt really strange to anyone else to come this far in the semester without receiving any grades or, other than on the progress updates of our final projects, major professorial feedback? I know it's felt weird to me; I'm accustomed to classes that operate on the midterm/final structure, with a few mini-grades in between, where by the end of the semester you're more or less clear on your standing grade-wise. That got me thinking about the feedback we have gotten in this class -- there's been a ton, and it's all come in the form of our own comments on one another's blog posts.