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hypertextual paranoia

Something I helped make

My dad works for Disney, so by the graces of nepotism I spent a number of my high school summers interning for said corporation, usually on pretty cool projects. That's not to say that my working contributions to these projects were all that cool or interesting. After a summer spent sticking things in filing cabinets, I graduated to printing and photocopying. There was, however, an organizational component to the print and photocopy project that actually required some use of brainpower: my assignment was to print out the entirety of the existing Disneyland website (which contained over 1,500 discrete pages), and then figure out some way, via lots of tabs and color coordinating, to organize those pages in an easy-to-access manner among several large binders.

The Memory Palace Hypertext: An Exercise in Form, Forgetting, and Paranoid Enlightenment

In my previous post I mentioned that an intimate acquaintance with the creative process behind making [an online hypertext] gives me a totally different awareness of e-textuality and the connectivity of it. Below is a rather lengthy excerpt from the appendix to my final project that elaborates on my loaded use of the term "connectivity." Mostly I'm posting this because I'm very curious whether any of the rest of you had similar experiences while creating your hypertexts, or if it was just me and I really did go completely insane for a little while there (and that "little while" is misleading, because I'm definitely still feeling the effects--). At any rate, here are some words regarding hypertexts and paranoid schizophrenia: