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Writing Machines - Syllabus

"Writing Machines" proposes to explore the relationship between contemporary literature and computer technologies, focusing on the ways that new technologies of writing have affected the development and dissemination of narrative.

stage 3?

So I've been out of the country since almost 2 weeks ago, and thus I missed last Monday's class. I was just looking at the syllabus to see when the project was due, and noticed that we had stage 3 due on Monday. Did we, actually? I don't remember it ever being mentioned in the classes leading up to that one.

Readings for next week

In case you missed the discussion, or forgot, we've agreed on the following readings for next Monday's class:

-- Michael Joyce, "Walking Mornings" (on Sakai)
-- Kate Hayles, "Virtual Bodies and Flickering Signifiers" (on Sakai)
-- The Onyx Project (or at least what of it is available online)

Have a great break!

notes from Almost November

Hello, and welcome to the end of October. (And not a moment too soon, I might say, as one who had an insane October, but way, way too soon, as one who sees the end of the semester screaming up at us out of nowhere.)

A few issues that need attending to:

mid-term accounting

Just a quick little FYI:

At a rate of three posts per week, being now six weeks into the semester (though we'll say five, given last week's absence of Yours Truly), you should ideally have produced 15 blog posts thus far. A number of you are close enough to this figure to call it even. Another number of you have so vastly undershot this figure that you really, really need to re-read the syllabus and remind yourself of the fact that your work on the blog constitutes a quarter of your final grade.

Consider this a public service announcement. There's still plenty of time to get yourselves caught up, but please don't leave it for the end of the semester.

We Kinda Got Blog, But Only Partially

Apparently Huntley didn't order enough copies of We've Got Blog. If you've got a copy you'd be willing to lend a student in need, would you comment here? If you need a copy, leave a comment here as well.