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high fructose corn syrup

Apparently, Americans consume a whole bunch of it.

In the spirit of end-of-the-semester blog-posting, check this out.

So, Americans drink more bottled water than beer, are more likely to get whacked by a wheelchair than run over by a lawnmowers, and are only slightly more likely to get into an accident with a bicycle than with a bed...

Hmm. That bed one makes me suspicious.

But! Still more: "Adolescents and adults now spend, on average, more than 64 days a year watching television, 41 days listening to the radio and a little over a week using the Internet. Among adults, 97 million Internet users sought news online last year, 92 million bought a product, 91 million made a travel reservation, 16 million used a social or professional networking site and 13 million created a blog."

Hey, y'all we're in good company! Us and about 13 million other people are out there blogging away for the first time in their lives....

Whew. What a semester! Better grab some bottled water and go find a television to recover--but watch out for any bicycles and wheelchairs on the way, and (above all) go nowhere near your bed!

Advice appreciated,

Advice appreciated, marmalade, but I'm afraid that once this semester's all over my bed is the very first place I'm headed, and no statistic can stop me.

Well, at least take some

Well, at least take some bottled water with ;)

No, seriously, I hope you (and everyone else) enjoy a hard-earned long-winters nap!