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Spam on a blog

It's amusing to me, as well, the volume of posts that have recently hit this site. Not that I'm one to point fingers. It feels almost like we've spammed the blog. Now, I'm not saying that our posts are irrelevant advertisements for penis enlargement. I'm thinking it's more along the lines of there are so many posts, with so many creative and possibly concealing names, that you can't possibly go through and read all the new ones. It's just like when your email box gets a zillion new messages and you give up on trying to sort through them.

It's kind of like when Magoo was posting his fiction on the blog. That stuff was really interesting, but the volume at which it came overwhelmed the rest of the blog posts and made reading anything but it somewhat of a search.
I know. I complain when my favorite blogs don't update enough; I complain when we update this one too much. I'm so hard to please.

I'm trying to read all the blog posts, now that I have no other work (yay!), but it's daunting. I kind of wish we'd come up with a better categorization system. Something more concise. Something like...."things that would interest ______." Preferably insert my name. That would be awesome. Impossible, but awesome.

yeah, I'm feeling a bit

yeah, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed myself. Right now I'm wishing for a more divided, user-specific format for the blog.