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shared pain and procrastination, Guitar Hero

It's already been said in numerous posts that the increased blogging activity in the last day has been quite interesting and amusing. This has been the first time that I have visibly seen evidence of shared procrastination, and yet again, is another sign that this class has done so much for me in changing the way I view academics and knowledge exchange. Also, coming to this blog the last day has given me seizures. I can't keep up with all the new posts! It actually forces me to skim everyone's entries just because there's so many, whereas before I actually read all the entries word for word.

I procrastinate a lot myself too, and in my other 170 seminar that I took last year, I was forced to write most of my term-essay in the last week because I had procrastinated too much, and I felt very alone in the process. I kept thinking that I was the only one who'd dug a hole too deep, and that everyone else was on top of things and had their shit together. I mean, everyone procrastinates, but if you're not talking to the rest of your class you can't really tell the degree to which people procrastinate. So that's why this class has been such a different experience. Procrastination (and misery) loves company. I think it's so very interesting that we can literally keep tabs on each other and that it's such a numbers game, as Oz mentioned in an earlier post.

I wonder what would've happened if our blog posts were strictly required to be evenly spread out over the course of the semester? If there was a strict requirement and enforcement of what was originally in the syllabus, aka 3 posts a week? How would activity look then?

Also, has anyone ever played Guitar Hero? I just spent the last two hours learning and playing Guitar Hero, and it's such a different experience from the other (few) video games that I've played. It's the ultimate of role-playing games. We never really talked about games like Guitar Hero, DDR, Karaoke Revolution, and all those other games that are musically related and put you in the prime spot as the singer/dancer/musician, etc. It's definitely interesting and says a lot that these games started to make their rise around the time all those TV shows like American Idol and reality talent shows started springing up...

Anyway, Guitar Hero rocks. You should try it out at some point. This is college, and you're bound to know someone who has it.

I tried out Guitar Hero at

I tried out Guitar Hero at my cousins' house over Thanksgiving. Turns out my mom is way ahead of the curve and got it for them LAST Christmas.

By the way, I'm pretty good at it. Though my father says he will never listen to "Take Me Out" again.