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Due to considerable preoccupation with other work, I've been on something of a break from the wiki for the past two or three weeks, so in coming back to it I felt like I needed to completely catch up/reorient myself before I could begin posting again.

Having returned to it, for a time, with an objectivity of absence that made me much more a reader than a collaborating author, I would just like to offer our class a congratulatory pat on the back. This thing is genuinely fun to read. The lexias are frequently witty, well-written, and interesting in their own right, and the linking system really seems like it "works" in the sense that the links mostly lead down worthwhile, often surprising paths, and getting lost in all the linking feels fun, not wildly frustrating.

Does this mean that our strange experiment in authoring collaborative fiction could be termed a "success"? I don't know if I'm authorized (wow, authorized becomes an even more loaded term than usual in a discussion on collaborative narrative) to pass that judgment, but I would, at any rate, like to acknowledge that what started as an anarchic shot-in-the-dark has taken shape as a truly enjoyable read. Well done.

I suppose I'm a biased

I suppose I'm a biased judge, but I agree with you Oz, that our wiki has actually turned out pretty well. Lexia and links are both interesting. Our wiki is something that I want to show my friends, not something I want to hide from them. (Although there are certain, well, off-color lexia that I'm not sure I'd want my family to read...)