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We Kinda Got Blog, But Only Partially

Apparently Huntley didn't order enough copies of We've Got Blog. If you've got a copy you'd be willing to lend a student in need, would you comment here? If you need a copy, leave a comment here as well.

One in need

If someone could lend me the book, that would be great. My screen name is blue42486

Some hope

Hey there,

I just got the book from Huntley, so apparently they found some of them somewhere. There was only one other copy left, so let the race begin. I'm happy to lend mine also - just shoot me an email.



I don't got blog either.

I also need to take a look at someone's copy of the book. Is there anyone who could spare it for a bit today? My screenname is snowyeskimo. Thanks....

huntley doesn't got blog, but the blogs do...

So I thought to myself, in a moment of clarity after getting frustrated that everyone has already lent their books to someone else, "Self, if it's a book about the internet, don't you suppose you can find the etext on the internet?"

go for it, people.